Summertime in Seattle

At the end of June, Chase and I traveled to Seattle, Washington for a week of wedding festivities and a mini vacation. His baby sister, Alicia, was getting married in Olympia and the entire family would be reunited again (Christmas was the last get-together with everyone present). We flew in on a Friday and did a number of wedding to-do’s and come Sunday it was wedding day! They got married outside and held the reception – filled with speeches, dancing, and tons of laughs – inside a beautiful, country-style barn . At 26 weeks pregnant I was doing fairly well considering I was in 3.75 inch heels, but by the time the newlyweds were getting ready to make their grand exit I had slipped out of those cute pumps and traded them in for my Nike tennis shoes. #noshame

The next couple of days were spent partly with my in-laws, enjoying a nice dinner by the water at Alki Beach, followed by a leisurely walk the next morning to Top Pot for coffee and breakfast, (errrr…three donuts for me) before they packed up and made their long drive back to Southern California. From Tuesday morning to Wednesday afternoon we had the rest of Seattle to ourselves.

The first thing we did was head over to the Space Needle, observing the structure from the ground level and, of course, snapping some images. We stopped to watch a short bit of a British man riding a unicycle while juggling swords before we grabbed a quick bite to eat, and then left for the Olympic Structure Park to walk off our lunch along the water. The sun was shining and it was a tad bit warm, so we found a shady spot to sit down and rest before we headed back to Pike’s Place Market. Mind you, we walked this entire morning/afternoon itinerary until AFTER dinner so we covered a lot of ground, even though it may sound otherwise. 

Upon arriving at Pike’s Place Market, we stopped for a pastry at Piroshky Piroshky. When it comes to traveling we are definitely food people – preferring to try local food joints and sharing. The more smaller meals/snacks we do, the more food we can try. The only problem with unknown places is deciding what to order. If y’all don’t already know, sometimes I am incredibly indecisive with food, and it’s only worse now that I am pregnant…hence the three donuts I mentioned earlier in this post. Piroshky, Piroshky was no exception, and the only helpful info I could give the guy working behind the counter was that we preferred something sweet so he suggested the Strawberry Rhubarb pastry (I can’t remember the actual name of it). We excitedly agreed and purchased one to share, then walked to Local Color for some tea and coffee to have with our delicious treat. It was tasty and I always love the extra sprinkle of powdered sugar on top.

Chase’s enthusiasm fooled me, because I found out later as we took our first bites into this fruity pastry that he had no idea what Strawberry Rhubarb was…

After spending an hour or two sipping tea and coffee in Local Color, we made a quick stop at Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream for another sweet treat and then headed to the well-known Kerry Park to see the spectacular view of the Seattle skyline. And even better, the sky was crystal clear so Mt. Rainier was strikingly visible. It was the perfect end to our first night with just us two (or three, I guess). We spent the evening having a kind woman snap our photo, taking way too many selfies because Chase is a major distraction with those (in a great way, obviously), and sitting on the edge of the stone wall watching dusk take over.

The next morning we got up and went back to Pike’s Place Market…again. After stopping at three different pastry locations to scope out the “options” I finally made a decision on what I wanted and we purchased our breakfast first, which included four different baked goods for two. The fact that it got narrowed down to four was impressive because I could’ve easily gotten carried away. With fists full of pastry bags we walked to the original Starbucks to grab our drinks and then quickly went to a small spot with a view of the water.

Our breakfast consisted of a giant snickerdoodle cookie, a raspberry crumble bar, a cinnamon roll, and a ham and cheese croissant. They paired perfectly with my cinnamon dulce latte. 

After scarfing down our breakfast, we took a walk through the rest of the market, making various stops so I could get my photographs. We watched the men at the fish market playfully throw their fish around for what seemed like the hundredth time, but it never gets old. And of course, we also had to walk by the flower sections – you can never have too many photos of flowers. The peonies were my favorite, and if we had been staying for a week I might have purchased some. Our flight was leaving hours later so we passed on getting them. Maybe next time.

There are so many spots within the market that come with plenty of smells and colors. From flowers, to fish, to produce,  and other goods (like olive oil, pasta, shirts, and so on), it starts to take over your senses. It’s also the perfect place to walk and people watch, grab a small bite, walk that off, grab another bite, and repeat. You get the picture.

Can’t forget the musicians – you may even catch a guy playing a mop! Don’t believe me? Scroll down…
Our last stop before heading to the airport was Pike Place Chowder, which we had already experienced days before with family. Chase’s older brother Kurt is the one who found this place the day we took them to the airport, where we all got different types of chowder for lunch. We wanted to come back for round two because Chase had been dying to try the seafood bisque, which we got in a bread bowl – the only way to go, in my opinion. Soup in the middle of June usually doesn’t sound too appealing (hello summer heat!) but in Seattle, that morning’s temperature was a cool 60 degrees so bisque in a bread bowl was the perfect complement to the chilly weather. We shared our soup, grabbed some quick souvenirs – a coffee mug (for my coffee drinker husband) and some cool retro- inspired post cards so I could write out what we did – then drove to the airport to catch our four hour flight back home to Dallas…where it was ninety-five degrees and humid when we landed at 9:45 pm.

Despite the freakishly hot weather, we were so glad to be home, back in the country and open spaces. However, Seattle was a nice break from the heat, and the chance to see the entire family before baby boy comes in September was priceless.

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